Syntrax Matrix 5.0 - Sustained Release Protein 5lb

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Net Weight: 5.33 lb (2.54 kg)




Syntrax Matrix 5.0

Sustained Release Anabolic Proteins with Glutamine Peptides

The best protein blend anywhere!

  • Undenatured Whey Protein
  • Micellar Casein and Egg Albumin
  • Anabolic and Anticatabolic Proteins
  • Best Tasting Protein...Guaranteed
  • Glutamine Peptides
  • Mixes Instantly


THE PROBLEM: Protein powders that are low in quality, contain fat-inducing maltodextrin, taste horrible, require a blender to mix properly and contain only one very fast-acting protein. No doubt that most of these products are cheap, but who wants to gag something down day after day that's neither convenient nor beneficial?

THE SOLUTION: Matrix® protein powders. Taking years to properly formulate, Matrix® solves all of the problems currently afflicting those other low-grade protein powders. Most importantly, we completely stayed away from cheap, inferior protein sources, such as denatured sodium and calcium caseinate. We knew that to be the best, we had to use only the highest quality protein sources, such as ultrafiltered whey protein, ultrafiltered milk protein, native egg albumin and glutamine peptides. The costs are much higher, but the rewards are significant. These proteins not only taste great, but they are unmatched in their ability to improve overall health as well as build critical bodily tissues and processes.

To make the highest quality product in the industry, we knew we had to do even more. We decided that we would not settle for anything but the best tasting protein powder on the market. After countless trials, we arrived at several delicious flavors that are pure ecstasy to consume.

Completing our solution to the problem, Matrix® is thoroughly instantized so that every scoop dissolves perfectly in your favorite beverage. No more disgusting clumps or blenders that dirty your kitchen . . . with Matrix, you only need a spoon!


What is Syntrax Matrix 5.0?

Matrix is a blend of the highest quality protein concentrates in the industry.

What makes Matrix higher quality than the competition?

Matrix contains a combination of 3 different high-quality proteins: whey protein, micellar casein and egg albumin (egg white protein).

Why a blend of different proteins instead of just one protein?

Indeed, there are several very high-quality protein sources, such as egg, casein and whey; however, none of them are perfect in every aspect. All of these protein sources are equal in terms of overall health and growth of lean body tissue, but each has its specific physiological strengths and weaknesses. For instance, egg protein is considered the gold standard protein source. Not only does it perfectly support lean tissue growth and maintenance, but it contains a host of growth factors and micronutrients. The downside is that it is very expensive. Whey protein, on the other hand, has been shown to be the fastest metabolized protein source and to have superior immune-stimulating abilities. Casein has been shown to be the slowest metabolized protein source, which makes it superior for providing muscle tissue with amino acids over an extended period of time. Thus, even though ingesting one protein source has many benefits, ultimately the best course of action is to consume several high-quality protein sources in order to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of each source.

When is the best time to consume Matrix?

Because it contains proteins which are metabolized both quickly and slowly, Matrix® is an ideal protein source for any time of the day. Some people will consume a fast-acting protein source, such as whey protein, after a workout and consume a slow-acting protein source, such as casein, before bedtime. Since Syntrax Matrix contains slow (casein), medium (egg) and fast (whey) acting proteins, it is ideal for any situation. It has the ability to bombard lean body mass quickly with amino acids as well as provide the body with these same nutrients over an extended period of time.

Is Matrix 5.0 a superior protein for those with medical conditions, such as bariatric surgery patients?

Yes! Matrix’s amino acid profile is best out of any protein on the market. Furthermore, because it provides the unique benefits of three different protein concentrates, it offers the best opportunity for increasing overall health and well being . . . from optimizing lean body mass and adipose levels to supporting an ideal antioxidant status to maintaining proper kidney and immune system function.

How can Matrix 5.0 be so economical if it contains more expensive proteins?

Notice that Matrix 5.0 is packaged in a high-quality laminated bag. There are considerable savings in packaging with this method, which consequently offset the increased costs of the proteins. Do not worry about freshness! The laminate used for Matrix® 5.0’s bag is an oxygen and moisture barrier structure which works as well or better than the typical plastic jug. Furthermore, it contains a recloseable zipper for convenience and uses less of our precious non-renewable resources.


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  • 5
    It's Good for You!

    Posted by Joe on 9th Mar 2015

    Been using Matrix for almost a year now. In comparison to other similar products/brands, Matrix is better. It's really helped in my gains and recovery. The nutritional value is tops in whatever sports you perform.

  • 5
    great stuff

    Posted by Andrew on 27th Apr 2014

    The only protein ive drank for years now and I train hard 4 days a week- its a little lean so unless im cutting I like to add banana and peanut butter anyway so it works out perfect

  • 5
    Best Protein Meal Replacement on the market

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2013

    When I first decided to try the Matrix Protein Meal Replacement product, I wasn't sure if it would be better than the product I had previously been purchasing so I bought the smaller 2.0 package. Well, it was definitely better. Even after running out of the product and the few days between my second Matrix 5.0 order arrival, I could feel the difference in my overall body conditioning. I wasn't the fine tuned sports car anymore. When I resumed my Matrix daily dose, I felt like I was back in the race. Great product and a big thanks to Nutrition Central for their super quick delivery.